About us

As cat lovers and owners ourselves, we know that leaving your cat with someone else can be daunting. We understand how you feel. That is why at Cream of the Crop Cattery, we go the extra mile to provide the best experience for your cat while your away. We can really provide a home from home experience for your cat. We can do this as we are only a small cattery. When you leave your cat with us their individual requirements can be catered for. We can also provide them with the level of care and attention they need. We are a trusted cattery and have been providing our cat boarding service for over 15 years with many happy customers and very regular returning visitors. This is why we are known as Dublin's finest Cattery.


Deborah Lefroy

Deborah has an inherent love for cats and opening her own Cattery has fulfilled a life long desire. This love provided the inspiration to set up a luxury cattery in her back Garden. Deborah has had a love for cats all of her life. Since a little girl she has always given excellent care and attention to them. For that very reason she insisted that the Cattery only be constructed to accommodate twelve pets at any one time. Love, care and affection are the only words that resonate when animals are concerned. For this very reason, Deborah has been a vegetarian for over thirty years.

Before setting up the Cattery, Deborah has owned and bred cats. These include Siamese, Burmese and Moggies. At one stage Deborah had three Cats living with her; Biggles, Minaloushe and Matilda. Sadly these wonderful pets passed away which left Deborah heart broken. This has left her unable to own another cat. Instead she lives out her love for cats by looking after yours while you go away or need your pet minded.

Proud to be one of the Best Catteries in Dublin!

Our name Cream of the Crop came from our mission to provide the best cattery services in Dublin. A place to leave your cat that was a home from home. A place that would give owners the confidence and peace of mind that they were leaving their pet in good hands. As the cattery is an extension of our own home, we can give your cat around the clock supervision. We are also a small cattery with only 12 beds which allows us give maximum care and attention for your cat while your away!

About our cat kennels

  • 12 comfortable kennels
  • Individual kennel heating
  • Food Provided and individual diets can be catered for
  • Medicines dispensed if needed
  • Radiant Garden based environment
  • Draft free beds
  • Vet on call
  • Classical Music

Working hours

Although we work around the clock to care for your pet the following times are when you can leave or collect your pet with us.


10am - 12pm, 4pm - 6pm


10am - 12pm, 4pm - 6pm


10am - 12pm, 4pm - 6pm


10am - 12pm, 4pm-6pm


10am - 12pm, 4pm - 6pm


10am - 12pm, 4pm - 6pm


10am - 12pm

Our mission

Our guarantee is to provide a safe and secure home for your cat. We also guarantee to give them the attention and care that they need.  Our service is guaranteed to provide your cat with a warm and comfortable stay. We provide an exclusive and exceptional service and supply comfy cushions with toys if needed.

Our standards are in line with the national cattery association. We provide a cattery that is in a private residence and well maintained. Our facility is adequately heated with and cooled to protect your pet from excessive heat or cold. The cattery is well ventilated and secured to prevent draft and moisture. Each cat is individually accommodated for and routines are kept as close to their normal routine as possible. Toys, blankets and cushions are provided. To keep familiarity we recommend to bring your own or anything else that your cat might be used to.

Our Philosophy is to provide a cattery service that will give you peace of mind when you are away on holidays or need to leave your cat in with us.  We aim to be the most trusted cattery in Dublin.

Cream of the Crop Cattery
The Finest Cattery in South Dublin