Cat name Ideas – The top 10 places to help you find the perfect name for your cat!

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Choosing a name for your new kitten seems like a simple task but considering there are more than 12500+ Names to choose from we at cream of the crop cattery have decided to put a list of the top 10 resources to help you choose a name for your new pet. Cat name Ideas – […]

A story about finding the cat hotel

Cat Hotel? Do we really need one? This is exactly what one of my clients husbands said to them. They were going away on holiday to Kerry and needed to find accommodation for their cat. Having done all of the other trip bookings, she kindly asked her husband to book their cat into a “hotel […]

Benefits of Cat Boarding

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Top 5 benefits of cat boarding This article will attempt to investigate the cat boarding benefits of a cattery! Before diving into the top 5 benefits of cat boarding, we must take into consideration why you would board your cat in the first place! Some people feel as well as we did when we first […]

Cat sitting versus cat boarding – helping you choose whats right for you and your pet!

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Which one should you choose? Cat sitting versus cat boarding? What is the difference between cat sitting versus cat boarding? In essence they both accomplish the same task. You are going away on holiday’s or even away for the weekend and you need someone to mind your cat! As a new cat owner you might […]