Benefits of Cat Boarding

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Top 5 benefits of cat boarding

This article will attempt to investigate the cat boarding benefits of a cattery! Before diving into the top 5 benefits of cat boarding, we must take into consideration why you would board your cat in the first place! Some people feel as well as we did when we first left our cat in a cattery that they would be depressed. You possibly could not imagine leaving your loved one in a cat kennel all on it lonesome? Quite the contrary. When you board your cat you also board them with others.

1. Cat boarding benefits? Simple! Have someone care for your cat while your away!

There is a reason why this is the first cat boarding benefits of a cattery comes to mind! Leaving your pet uncared for while your away if you love your pet is simply not an option. But initially leaving your cat with a complete stranger seems daunting. First of all you are feeling that you will feel guilty. We have even been in your position. When we in the booking process for our holiday a long time ago, it nearly came to a point we were going to cancel. We did not want to leave our lovely biggles at home on his own nor did we want to leave him with strangers. But these are just the fears of the unknown. Our advice is to always go and meet the cattery owners and have a look around. This takes the unknown out of the experience and you will not feel guilty anymore. At the end of the day, the benefits of cat boarding leaves you with peace of mind that your cat is being cared for while you are away!

2. Individually heated beds and 24 hour supervision!

Catteries generally have individually heated bets for your pet. At nighttime we play classical music and we feed each pet individually twice daily. We even have a thermometer in our cattery to make sure that the temperature for your pet is just right. We do advise for owners to bring their pets blankets or even cushions from your home so that your pet has familiarity if it is their first time at our cattery. Knowing that your pet will be looked after will give you peace of mind while you are away. But the only way to do this is to visit the cattery and its owner first. Once you have done this you can make a decision whether you feel your pet will be in good hands and will be looked after. We even offer a facetime service with your pet. You can call us at a predetermined time on facetime to check in with your pet if you wish. This just gives you the added peace of mind! Most importantly leaving your cat with a professional cat boarding service can only give you better peace of mind versus leaving them at home unattended.

3. Professional Care

Boarding your cat in a cattery means that they will be fed twice daily, watered and played with. Depending on the cattery of course. But at cream of the crop cattery our boarding kennels are very spacious and your cat has plenty of room to run or jump around. Using a cattery comes even more important if your cat is older or has a particular illness that needs attention. Before setting up the cattery, I used to practice as a nurse. I have been giving insulin injections to our cattery guests for a long time now and have a lot of experience taking care of pets just like yours. It really does not matter what condition your pet has, once you give us plenty of notice in advance we can look after them. It is also important that you leave instructions or even times that your pet might need medication. We have even had cases of cat’s that for medical reasons needed to have their food quantity kept at a certain amount. Once again this is not a problem to us. Therefore, leaving your cat to board at a cattery does not mean that you are leaving them! Instead you are handing them over to a professional to take care of them while you are away. Most cattery owners love cats. For us looking after your cat gives us pleasure and we look forward to looking after them. But my advice to you when having them minded at a cattery is to give the cattery owner plenty of written instructions if your pet needs special treatment. Having written instructions makes it that bit easier to remember exactly how you would like us to look after your pet as you can imagine!

4. Your pet will enjoy the companionship of the other cats at a cattery!

Although cats for the most part are independent they love companionship. You will know that yourself when you might leave them for a while. They will come up and rub off you. This lets you know that they love you as a companion. Well it is the same when you have them looked after in a cattery. We individually feed the cats twice daily, but also give them attention and care several times during the day. Some people initially feel that leaving your cat at a cattery will have them depressed when you return. You might feel that they will even dislike you after leaving them. This could not be further from the truth. We have had owners tell us the opposite. As a cattery will tend to have several other cats boarding at the time of boarding your own cat, they actually like the companionship of the other cats. So much so that we have been told that the cats are actually depressed from missing their new friends that they might have met at the cattery! Its really great. Sometimes when we go into feed our guests we can hear them talking to each other!

5. Not Convinced? Take a tour of our cattery!

If you are unsure of leaving your pet at a cattery while you go away we would like to invite you to come down and meet us here at cream of the crop cattery. You may even have a look around completely complimentary. Simply give us a call and arrange an appointment! Click here for more information about our cat boarding facility!

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