Cat name Ideas – The top 10 places to help you find the perfect name for your cat!

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Choosing a name for your new kitten seems like a simple task but considering there are more than 12500+ Names to choose from we at cream of the crop cattery have decided to put a list of the top 10 resources to help you choose a name for your new pet.

Cat name Ideas – The top 10 places to help you find the perfect name for your cat!

  1. Cat Names List

Cat names list is a website dedicated to cat name ideas! How helpful! The names are separated into either male or female names. Some say that more is better, that seems to be the case with this list. Considering the law of averages, you must be able to find a name for your cat with over 12500+ to choose from!

  1.  Loving your pet

Loving your pet is a brilliant pet website and great resource for pet owners. Not only does the site offer regular advice, help and tips for your pet, it has a great pet name calculator to help on your way to choosing the perfect name for your pet. Voted by their readers they have also provided the top 40 popular cat names.

  1. is and international community for pets and their owners. They have kindly compiled a list of the top 100 most popular cat names across their community. Not only is it a useful resource for pet owners in search of the perfect cat name for their new pet, but is also a place where you can meet and mingle, buy or even sell pet products with like minded people.

  1. Pet Place

Obviously sifting through the different pet names can be laborious to find the right name. Sometimes you look at your pet you read the name and you just know. However, pet place has put together the meanings of popular pet names to help you choose the perfect name for your pet. Not only will this help finding different cat name ideas, Pet Place is also a great resource for pet care articles and information on pet health informations from various pet experts.

  1.  I Cat

Looking for pet name closer to home, offers a list and meaning of popular Irish cat names. The website also has the option to search by the colour, bread and origin of your pet.


You might be thinking, right, I have seen read and even tried to imagine all of those names for my new pet but still haven’t found anything unique or fitting. Check out this resource from They cover 100 of the most unique names for your cat. Having said that, the list really puts meaning to the saying “there is something for everyone”!

  1. – an unusual place to find a name for your pet!

Normally one would look at popular pet websites to find the perfect name for your cat. But I was always a fan of Tom from the kids catoon – Tom and Jerry! Gamesradar have compiled a list of the greatest cat names from the movies.

  1. Adopt a

Not that you would think these are actually pet names but adopt a pet have compiled a list of 250 funny pet names. Maybe it might put a bit of humour into finding the perfect name for your pet! Have fun when looking for cat name ideas for your new pet!


You might not be looking for pet insurance at this point but it’s not something you want to avoid. Pet insurance if gotten at the start can prove a massive cost saving in the long run! Ironically they have compiled a list of the wackiest pet names. These are definitely names you want to avoid for your pet!

  1. Your pet!

This last one is probably the most important place you need to look for your pet’s name! Each cat has a unique and different personality. Their breed, their colour and even their gender might point you in the right direction but ultimately it is their personality that will ultimately help you determine what you should name your pet!

Hopefully this list will have allowed us cover all of the cat’s names that are out there. But, should your pet’s name not be listed on the above resources, we would love to hear your pet’s name. Simply leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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