A story about finding the cat hotel

Cat Hotel? Do we really need one? This is exactly what one of my clients husbands said to them. They were going away on holiday to Kerry and needed to find accommodation for their cat. Having done all of the other trip bookings, she kindly asked her husband to book their cat into a “hotel for cats”.

His thoughts were that a “cat hotel” to this effect would cost more than their own hotel. In fact most of us as cat lovers would love to give our cats 5 star treatment. A cat hotel that provided a personal groomer, chef and even butler!

Having searched the web in search of the most luxurious cat hotel unfortunately a cattery that provides your cat with a 5 star hotel service like this does not seem to exist! In fact the image above is merely a hotel that has named itself “Cat Hotel”.

Accommodation for your cat, how far would you go?

If you love cat’s as much as we do. Too far would not be far enough. In fact before we started running our Dublin Cattery we simply did not want to leave our cat when we were booking our holiday. We were even going to give our holiday a miss. That is why when I had our cattery built, I wanted to give it the feel as if it were a hotel for cats. From the minute you ring up to enquire, to the minute you collect your cat we strive on giving your cat 5 star service. Our cattery is heated, with classical music playing and individual requirements catered for we are not far from the service you receive in your own hotel.

Cat Hotel Prices

Cat hotel prices vary from cattery to cattery. But as a rough indication of most catteries in Dublin, prices range from 12 euro to 20 euro per night. Most catteries have a minimum deposit of 50 euro. Some catteries charge extra for heating. For us this comes as standard as we cherish your cat’s comfort from the minute they enter our cattery to the second they leave. If you would like to find out more about our cattery prices please click the link. Should you want to make an enquiry for our availability or even arrange a tour of our facility please get in touch!

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